Q: Can I use Sing2Music tracks on Youtube?
A: In most cases, yes. Please carefully read the information and terms below. Read more…

We love seeing our tracks used on YouTube! And usually the song’s publishers do too.
Please note, that all rights to the underlying composition belong to the composers and/or their publishers. We just own the copyright to our recording.
The publishers (who control the composition rights) can choose to remove your video, causing a strike to your channel, although this rarely happens these days. Simply follow these steps for using our tracks on YouTube.

  1. 1. Download our tracks legally from iTunes, Google Play or Tidal for best quality audio.
  2. 2. Place in your video’s description: “Piano by Sing2Piano www.youtube.com/sing2piano” or “Guitar by Sing2Guitar www.youtube.com/sing2guitar
  3. 3. (Optional) Share your video link in our video comments and tell us about it on social media.  We love to hear your versions and share our favourites. Tag or mention us to be considered for a share, regram, retweet etc. @sing2music #sing2music #sing2piano #sing2guitar

You may receive a claim notification from our administrators “VISO Music”. This does not mean you’re in trouble and will NOT negatively affect your account standing, it’s just our claim of ownership.

Please note, that you may NOT:

  • Upload a video with our track by itself, with no creative addition.
  • Create and upload a new karaoke video with lyrics.
  • Claim our music as your own, including uploading a cover with our tracks to YouTube’s Content iD system.
  • Monetize your video. Reach out to us if your channel has >20,000 subscribers and you would like to monetise. Contact
  • Distribute the audio to Spotify, iTunes etc. without first obtaining a licence from us.

Q: Can I distribute my S2M cover to Spotify/Apple Music/iTunes?
A: Yes. Request a licence

Q: Can I use S2M tracks for my audition on X Factor/Got Talent/Idol etc.?
A: Usually yes, at no cost to you. Please register your details with us so we can check and let you know. We often work with companies like Fremantle Media to allow contestants to perform with Sing2Music tracks in their auditions and on broadcast TV.

Q: Can I use S2M for a commercial production or application?
A: In most instances, yes. To apply for a license, see licensing info

Q: Can I use S2M tracks for my non-profit production or application?
A: Please get in touch and tell us about your project. See licensing info

Q: Can I get sheet music (partitions, sheets) or tabs for S2M tracks?
A: We have just started to upload our first arrangements, via our friends at musicnotes.com More on it’s way!

Q: I don’t/can’t use iTunes or Apple Music. How else can I get S2M tracks?
A: Our tracks are available worldwide from Google Play, Tidal, Spotify, Deezer and more. IMPORTANT: use the word ‘karaoke’ in your searches on Google Play (e.g. “sing2piano karaoke + song title”). Please contact us if you can’t find us in your favourite digital music retailer.

Q: Do you offer your tracks in higher quality formats?
A: iTunes and Google Play both offer a good quality M4A and MP3 file formats, suitable for most projects. Highest quality Sing2Music tracks are currently available from Tidal (which are FLAC 1411 kbps – Lossless).

Q: How do I convert the iTunes file into an .mp3 file?
A: The easiest way is to select the track in iTunes and go to File/Convert/Create MP3 Version or use an online MP3 converter.