sing2music - katie kittermaster

Hailing from England, Katie Kittermaster is a young singer-songwriter with an astoundingly impressive performance résumé for her age. Not too many 18 year-olds can say they have appeared on national television, performed at star-studded events around the world, had their Instagram covers viewed over one million times, and received recognition for their original music in both national and international song-writing competitions. Katie’s hard work and determination to pursue her greatest passion has already taken her to some amazing places – there’s no telling where she’ll be going next!

We were lucky enough to chat to Katie about her wealth of experience as a performer and asked her some questions about her music, her journey, and her plans for the future.

What is it that you love most about music?

“Music is an escape for me, and a way to express myself. Whether I am feeling sad or happy, music is a comfort. I didn’t start to write my own songs until I was 15, but at that time it was a great way to deal with the challenges of life and being a teenager.”

Who is your greatest musical inspiration?

“There have to be two people! Ed Sheeran is definitely somebody who has had a huge impact on my songwriting. I love the way that he tells stories, and his lyrics are always so relatable. I listened to a podcast about him the other day, and hearing his journey was so inspirational for me. I really admire the way that he has worked so hard and never given up.”

“The second person would have to be my grandfather. He was passionate about music and was always my greatest fan! The first song I ever recorded, when I was 10, was for him and sadly he passed away listening to it.”

Do you have any significant musical achievements or memories?

“The first turning point for me was when I was asked to open the Global Gift Gala in Dubai in 2013. The event was hosted by Ricky Martin & Eva Longoria and there were a host of celebrities there including 5OCent and Maxwell. I sang Skinny Love in the style of Birdie.”

“This then led to me opening the charity event for Help For Heroes at the British Embassy in Dubai, which was an incredible honour. I woke up with no voice on that morning, but thankfully with copious amounts of Manuka honey and total vocal rest I was able to manage the performance!”

“In 2017 I was privileged to open for Louisa Johnson (winner of the X Factor UK), and then for Jools Holland and Marc Almond in 2018.”

sin2music - katie kittermaster

“One of my tracks was played on ITV’s This Morning in 2018, which was a very proud and slightly surreal moment.”

“Also in 2018, I was named as the UK Songwriter of the Year in my category and I have been a finalist in two consecutive years in the International Songwriting Competition.”

“One of the most powerful and memorable things I have done with music, was late in 2018 when I visited two schools to talk about the importance of mental well-being. I spoke with Year 10 students about how to support each other, as well as what signs to look for in yourself and friends. I sang to the students and talked to them about my musical journey and how music had played an important role in my life.”

Most recently I’ve opened for artists including Olly Murs, Ronan Keating, and Boyzlife. I also have the amazing opportunity to support Lucy Spraggan on her upcoming UK + Ireland 2019 Tour – 37 shows in 55 nights!”

What was your most embarrassing musical moment?

“Forgetting my own lyrics to one of my songs was probably my most embarrassing moment. It was a small gig for charity with a relatively small audience – actually I am not sure that they even noticed!”

Has social media benefited your career? If so, how?

I think social media is critical now for all artists. My main platform is Instagram, but I also have accounts for Facebook and Twitter. The contacts that I have made through Instagram have been amazing! There are some exciting things on the horizon for me, all of which wouldn’t have been possible without Instagram.”

What made you want to start putting your music and covers online?

“I haven’t posted much of my own music yet, as I am keen to ensure that whatever I release is the best it can be. I do post covers, mainly on Instagram at the moment. It is a great way to build a loyal fan-base!”

What are your musical aspirations and where do you see yourself in five years time?

“I would like to work in the music industry full-time as a singer-songwriter. I am very clear about what I want and just hope that my stars align! In five years my goal is to be writing, recording, touring and making music as much as I can!”

Are you working on any exciting musical projects in the near future?

Once I finish exams, I will be travelling to Nashville to write with some publishers. By the end of the year I will have completed my first EP, which I am very excited about! I also have some great festivals/gigs lined up and will be on tour in the UK during autumn and winter.”

Do you have any pets?

“Hugo – our gorgeous Cockapoo. He is a dog model!”

How do you spend your free time?

“Writing music, going out with my friends, cooking, skiing and chilling.”

Can you share any random facts about yourself?

“I did a bungee jump at Victoria Falls when I was 13. And I would love a pet goat!”

Be sure to check out Katie’s latest single, “Sunday Afternoon“, streaming on all platforms! Her debut EP, “Coming Home At Dawn”, is now available exclusively on her website before being released everywhere on November 1st!