YES you can! 🙌

This is a great way to build your audience.

You may receive a copyright claim from Sing2Music (the recording owner) and a claim from the songwriters (they wrote the melody and lyrics). Don’t be worried! Claims are not bad for your channel. It’s simply a way to compensate artists and route revenue to the rightful parties.

If your channel is growing and you’d like to monetize or partner with us, contact us today, and let’s harmonise!
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We are happy to give permission for non-commercial posts, with regards to our copyrighted sound recording catalog.

Please note, however, that all rights to the underlying composition belong to the composers & publishers (they wrote & own the melody & lyrics). We just own the copyright to our recording.

Yes, this is fine for a private audition. If the audition is being filmed, please register your details with us so we can check and let you know.

We often work with companies like Fremantle Media to allow contestants to perform with Sing2Music tracks in their auditions.

YES, if the live performances are not being recorded and broadcast for commercial purposes (except your social media posts, see FAQ above).

If you are a professional musician wanting to perform at 10+ paid gigs and/or weddings per year, please reach out for a licence here.

You should first check that the venue or event organisers have a public performance licence for the composers and publishers of the songs (they wrote & own the melody & lyrics).

We have sheets available for our Sing2Piano arrangements at musicnotes.com There is currently a limited selection so you may not find the song you are looking for, but we are regularly adding new sheets to the catalog!

Visit our Library page and search for your favourite song, then click “Stream or Download” for direct links to your preferred platform!

Our tracks are available worldwide at most major online music retail stores and streaming platforms including Spotify, YouTube Music, Bandcamp, 7Digital, Deezer, Line Music, Bugs!, Qobuz etc.  Go to Sing2Piano or Sing2Guitar to find our catalogs on your favorite store!

*IMPORTANT* Use the word ‘karaoke’ in your searches if you have trouble locating our content (e.g. “sing2piano karaoke + song title”). Please contact us if you can’t find us in your favourite digital music retailer.

iTunes and Qobuz offers good quality M4A and MP3 file formats, suitable for most projects. Highest quality Sing2Music tracks are currently available from 7Digital or Bandcamp (16-bit/44.1kHz FLAC).

Please get in touch and tell us about your project. See licensing info