sing2music presents Olivia Rodrigo Vampire karaoke available to sing2 on sing2piano, sing2guitar and Karaoke SESH

We are excited to bring to you the karaoke versions of the latest hit song, “Vampire,” by the prodigious singer-songwriter, Olivia Rodrigo. With versions available for piano, guitar, and karaoke, you can experience the song in a whole new way and feel closer to Rodrigo’s artistic journey. You can find all other Olivia Rodrigo tracks via our library page.

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Background: Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Vampire’
sing2piano | Olivia Rodrigo – Vampire (Piano Karaoke)
sing2guitar | Olivia Rodrigo – Vampire (Acoustic Karaoke)
Karaoke SESH | Olivia Rodrigo – Vampire (Karaoke Version)

Background: Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Vampire’

Olivia Rodrigo’s “Vampire” is a new addition to the pop-rock genre, as the lead single from her upcoming second studio album, “Guts”. Co-written with Dan Nigro, who also contributed to her debut album, “Sour”, “Vampire” showcases Rodrigo’s evolution as an artist. Initially conceived as a piano ballad in December 2022, the song morphed into a pop-rock masterpiece, complete with big drums and tempo changes, making it a heartbreak song that you can dance to.
The cover art for “Vampire” alludes to a dark, gothic theme, featuring Rodrigo with purple criss-cross Band-Aids on her neck, signifying the bite of a vampire. This song is an intriguing mix of pop and rock in the key of F major, with a slow tempo of 67 beats per minute. From its initial phase as a piano ballad, it transitions into a rhythmic spectacle laden with jittery percussion and dramatic vocal runs.

sing2piano | Olivia Rodrigo – Vampire (Piano Karaoke)

sing2piano's piano karaoke version of Olivia Rodrigo's "Vampire"

sing2: Olivia Rodrigo Vampire Piano Backing Track HERE

The sing2piano version of “Vampire” allows you to experience the song in its original form – as a piano ballad. This version encapsulates the essence of Rodrigo’s original vision for the song, offering a more intimate and poignant take on the hit.

sing2guitar | Olivia Rodrigo – Vampire (Acoustic Karaoke)

sing2guitar's acoustic karaoke version of Olivia Rodrigo's "Vampire"

sing2: Olivia Rodrigo Vampire Acoustic Guitar Backing Track HERE

If you’re more inclined towards the strums of a guitar, the sing2guitar version is for you. This acoustic rendition brings a new flavour to “Vampire”, highlighting the song’s melodic structure and providing a raw, unplugged feel that complements the intensity of the lyrics.

Karaoke SESH | SESH Olivia Rodrigo – Vampire (Karaoke Version)

Karaoke SESH's karaoke version of Olivia Rodrigo's "Vampire"

sing2: Olivia Rodrigo Vampire Karaoke Version HERE

Karaoke SESH provides the perfect opportunity to belt out your own rendition of “Vampire”. With the instrumental track playing in the background, you can experience what it’s like to step into Rodrigo’s shoes and sing this pop-rock sensation.

Whether you’re a fan of the piano, love the guitar, or enjoy singing your heart out, these versions of “Vampire” provide you with an immersive musical experience. Embrace the emotional journey of “Vampire” and feel the unique blend of heartbreak and rock opera that Olivia Rodrigo so masterfully encapsulates in her work. This collection offers a unique chance to reinterpret Rodrigo’s song, giving you the platform to make the melody and lyrics uniquely your own. In this way, the power of music transcends from the artist to the listener, continuing the cycle of creativity and expression. So dive in, pick your preferred version, and become a part of Rodrigo’s musical narrative.