Warm ups for a lot of singers are like what salad is to most kids – they know it’s healthy and that they’re supposed to eat it, but most of the time they just can’t be bothered having any.

Does this relate to you? Maybe you’re one of those singers that has felt invincible, but now you are discovering that you’re wearing out quicker. A lot of singers who are having trouble with a song they’re working on will find themselves surprised that after a quick but effective warm up, the song becomes much easier to sing!

We use our warm ups to remind the mind and muscles where good efficient singing needs to be. The voice is complicated and really needs this. Once this happens, you’ll find you get easier access to control and accuracy in your voice. The reality is that warm ups really do make a difference.

Here are a few tips:

1) Start with light and easy easy exercises and build up from there. Jumping straight in with something heavy could cause more wear and tear.

2) There’s nothing wrong with repetition. Take your time and don’t move to fast through your exercises.

3) Know your body. You might respond really well to a short 5-10 minute warm up, where as others might not feel ready for singing without a 20-30 minute session. Keep in mind that you also don’t want to tire yourself before you’ve even started singing your songs.

4) You can also use warm ups on days where you’re not singing your normal load. Keeping “match fit” is important (although there’s nothing wrong with a day off here and there too!).

The video above includes some really effective exercises that will help you with your warm up routine. These exercises include puffy cheeks, tongue raspberries, twang and a bit of agility. If those names mean nothing to you, make sure you give it a watch!