Singing is amazing! It makes so many of us feel alive and for some, it even feels like the only way they can truly express themselves. The problem is that we sometimes have bad experiences along the way. It could be a note that split in front of a group of people you respect, or maybe a negative comment. Before long, the singing we loved so much becomes an opportunity for stress and even anxiety – not fun!

It’s important we try to reframe this a little. It might start with small steps, and it begins by looking at the way we think. Instead of seeing singing as something that wants to embarrass you, see it as being on your side. Give yourself opportunities to get small wins with this. Maybe a short video you send to your family, or a small live performance to your friends – something that might seem low-risk. A little bit of positive self-pep-talk can be great; “I love to sing”, “I love the sound of my voice”, “singing is fun”, “singing is my happy place”. Say your phrase out loud and they can give you a little nudge into a positive place before your performance and can help you relax and enjoy.

As you start to pile up these small wins, you’ll find singing is something you look forward to, rather than dread. Be kind to yourself and take things so slow. And let’s not forget, singing really is so fun!