Introducing our new singing tutorial series – Vocals in Focus! It’s long been our dream at sing2music to provide advice, insight, lessons and other resources for singers like you, that will help take your vocal performances to new heights.

We’ve partnered with professional vocal coach, Jono McNeil (The Voice UK, The Voice Kids), who has extensive industry experience training professional singers. He brings an incredible depth of knowledge to this new series that will help you to unlock the potential in your own singing voice.

In this first episode, Jono speaks to the question that every vocalist has asked themselves at some point on their singing journey, “Why is my vocal performance lacking energy?” We all know that feeling of being unable to produce a sound that truly resonates and carries a strong presence.

Often it’s our own bodies that get in the way of creating an amazing sound; especially when we’re feeling ‘on edge’, nervous or anxious. Some of the main culprits that rob our vocal tone are the tongue, jaw, lips and abdomen. When we carry tension in these parts of our body, it creates blockages and stops our voice from producing great tone.

Most of the time we don’t even know when we’re ‘wound up’. But we need to become aware of how it feels to carry tension in our body, and learn to let this go. When we are at ease and our body is relaxed, we position ourselves to be in a more optimum state for singing with our best vocal tone.

Watch the video to hear Jono explain these concepts in more detail and instruct you in how to release tension in your body – particularly in the tongue, which can be one of the worst offenders for restricting vocal tone.